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PCCF hosts MO Foundation for Health

On July 25, 2018, the Perry County Community Foundation hosted a visit with Sarah Morrow from the Missouri Foundation for Health. The meeting was facilitated in order to obtain an update on the ROHI grant provided to C.H.O.P. (The Coalition for Heroin and Opioid Prevention) on behalf of the PCCF and identify other collaboration opportunities.

Missouri Foundation for Health is a resource for the region, working with communities and nonprofits to generate and accelerate positive changes in health. MFH was founded in the year 2000, following Blue Cross Blue Sheild of Missouri's conversion from nonprofit to for-profit status. It is the largest organization of its kind in the state and among the largest in the country. Other meeting attendees included Cindy Blacklidge and Jeri Cain, representing C.H.O.P. Representing Perry County Health included: Whitney Wilson, Perry County Family Life consultant and Amber Bishop, Director of Nurses.

Several partnership opportunities between Perry County and Missouri Foundation for Health were identified as part of the meeting.

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