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Giving: 101


Learn what we can do for you, so that you can do the most for Perry County. The PCCF offers a variety of ways to contribute and strives to make giving an easy process.

What we do for:


Through the PCCF's unique position in the community, our mission is participating in community forums related to the health and vitality of our area. We will provide donors with timely information so that they can make decisions based upon the best practices and community need. The Perry County Community Foundation engages with a wise network of nonprofits and also has access to many resources to help inform and educate. Because of these resources, we can provide the following:


  • Opportunities for nonprofit engagement

  • Ascertainment of community needs

  • Founders Forum for collaborative/partnership possibilities.


Working with the PCCF presents an opportunity to strategically choose charities to support. Ensuring your grant dollars have the most profound impact is important and we are here to help you identify and vet specific charities. We can offer a host of services to help you with the grant process by:


  • Identifying nonprofits that align with your goals and priorities

  • Processing due diligence in ascertaining organizational stability

  • Processing requests and issuing grants

  • Providing grant progress reports

  • Coordinating site visits and presentations to organizations

Family Philanthropy:

A part of stretegic philanthropic planning may include engaging family in the process. Sharing interests, passion and legacy with one's children is an opportunity to create a sense of ownership and share the value of giving back. The PCCF can assist with discussions defining a family's value statement or mission statement to guide charitable priorities. Once family interests are determined, the PCCF can help bring clarity to the process of charting a course for grantmaking. The passing along of traditions, while creating the space for new ideas, helps honor the view of mature family members and establishes bridges between generations for what matters the most to each. The PCCF if engaging in conversations with next generations philanthropists to help identify their interests, values and ideas to better understand their charitable passions. Click here to learn more about the types of funds.

Planning for the Future:

Another piece of the philanthropic puzzle is planned giving, which gives donors the opportunity to create a vehicle to support the passions they have today into an unknown future. Research indicates there will be a significant transfer of wealth over the next few decades. Creating a planned gift can ease the dilemma of what charities to support for the donor and his/her family now and for perpetuity. The Perry County Community Foundation can help with the legacy inidividual would like to leave, making it simple for all involved. Finding the time and place for the next generation to discover their voice, while respecting those who have created the wealth, is a responcibilty we embrace and look forward to discussing with donors, prospective donors and thier families.

Administrative Services:

When establishing a fund with the PCCF, donors can expect to recieve the utmost attention to fund administration for the "back office" services. It is important to the PCCF that donors know the business of the organization is impeccable and we are proud of a long tradition of unqualified audits and successful fund management. We provide our donors with the following services:

  • Tax acknowledgement letters

  • Quarterly fund statements

  • Fund information online via Donor Central

  • Appreciated stock and real estate gift acceptance

  • Proven investment performance

Give Later

Give Later: It's never too late.

You can plan for your charitable giving today, even if those gifts will not be transferred to the Community Foundation for many years. Below are the most frequently used methods of planned giving. 


The simplest way to give to the Community Foundation after your death is through your will

IRA Gifts

You can give through your IRA or other qualified retirement plans. Since balances from these accounts are included when determining estate and income taxes to your beneficiaries, a charitable gift from your IRA can prevent those dollars from being included in your estate.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A Charitable Gift Annuity provides you with regular income and reduced taxes during your lifetime, and the assets that remain after your death will benefit your community forever. You can create a Gift Annuity through a gift of cash or stock to the Perry County Community Foundation. In exchange, we pay you a fixed, guaranteed percentage of that gift as income for the rest of your life. After your death, we place the remaining assets in a permanent fund to benefit the cause of your choice.

Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance can be an excellent tool for making a charitable gift to the Community Foundation. A donor can deduct the replacement value of the policy. Also, some donors discover that they can increase the size of their gift by purchasing a life insurance policy and naming the Community Foundation as owner and beneficiary.

Types of Funds

Types of Funds: More than one way to give.

If you so choose, you can have a tailored fund. This gives donors the ability to select from a variety of options based upon their interests and financial goals when establishing a fund. 

Here's a list of the possibilities:

Types of Funds: More than one way to give.

If you so choose, you can have a tailored fund. This gives donors the ability to select from a variety of options based upon their interests and financial goals when establishing a fund. 

Here's a list of the possibilities:

Traditional Donor Advised Fund

All monies placed in this fund will be considered principal and will not be touched, as this is a traditional endowment fund. Four percent of the fund's balance will be available for grants each year and for perpetuity. This fund will be invested in our fully diversified asset allocation. We offer several types of donor-advised funds starting at $2,500

Flexible Donor Advised Funds

This endowment fund must maintain a $25,000 balance into perpetuity. All monies above that would be available for grants. This fund will be invested in our fully diversified asset allocation.

Designated Fund

This type of endowment is designed to support a specific program, organization, or institution. The fund will grant to the donor's designated charity or charities. It will be invested in the fully diversified asset allocation. $10,000 minimum to grant

Family and Community Fund

This fund is not endowed. Once it reaches $2,500, it may be spent down to a zero balance through grantmaking. This fund may be invested in our fully diversified asset allocation or our cash account. Contact us for current rate information.

Field of Interest Fund

This fund is designed to grant funds to any number of organizations within a particular charitable field or sector such as education, arts, human services, etc. It provides some flexibility to meet emerging needs of an interest in the future. This field, too, is invested in the diversified asset allocation.

Scholarship Fund

A type of designated fund that provides donors, organizations, universities or companies the opportunity to offer financial support to students. Scholarship funds are endowment funds that must reach the $25,000 level.

Info About Wills

Information About Wills

A will is the cornerstone of planned giving. It’s a critical tool to protect your family from accidental disinheritance and ensure that your choices regarding charitable giving are fulfilled as you intended.

Including the Community Foundation in your will is as simple as incorporating bequest language such as this: “I give, devise, and bequeath to the Perry County Community Foundation the sum of $__ (or a description of the specific asset you wish to bequeath) for (a specific fund within the Foundation).” If you prefer not to name a specific fund, you can substitute “its unrestricted use.”

Contact your attorney to set up your will.

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